Univest Capital understands that recurrent equipment leasing is often the lifeblood of many businesses.  It provides an effective solution to meet growth goals while conserving everyday working capital.   Our flexible leasing programs offer an array of equipment lease and financing choices at your disposal, perfect for businesses and municipalities nationwide.


Univest has spent years building strong customer relationships to meet most equipment financing needs.  Businesses and government agencies can select from lease terms ranging from 12 to 60 months.  Our traditional lease structure is a more standardized process, and does not include deferment options (one payment upfront followed by your desired term for repayment) that may be found in some of our other lease programs.



If you’re looking for the ability to acquire assets today with no money down, this program is perfect.  No payments are required for the first 90-days, upon which your desired term for repayment begins. Speak to Univest for more details.



This program offers companies the ability to defer a leasing payment for up to six months.  Start-ups, second locations, satellite offices and others find this unique option a perfect solution to maintaining cash flow.  With this program we feature 90-days of no payment, followed by 90-days at $99 a month, then followed by your desired term of repayment.

Customers find that having the first 6 months of almost no cash out of pocket gives them a great head-start.





Where the lessee assumes ownership of the equipment at the end of the lease term for one dollar.  This popular option means at the end of the lease, your company owns the leased equipment outright.



Businesses that utilize this option would take ownership of the equipment after paying a pre-determined amount (10% of the purchase prices at the end of the term).  This desirable option takes away the uncertainty of a FMV (Fair Market Value) scale.



Here lessees assume ownership of the asset right from the beginning of the loan, with no buyout options at term’s end.


With so many flexible lending options at hand, Univest Capital makes business challenges smaller and opportunities larger.