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Today, 8 out of 10 U.S. companies rely on leasing to acquire assets and maintain spending flexibility.  Univest Capital, Inc. has been at the forefront of this type of capital leasing for many years.  These include businesses of all types:  for-profit companies, municipal and government institutions, and even Native American interests. The following are some categories of business sectors and the types of equipment that may require financing.



Keeping the office running smoothly can be a full-time job, which is why many businesses have an office manager to oversee day to day needs. Interruptions in performance can impact the productivity of the entire office. The things we take for granted such as copiers, fax machines, phone systems, computer hardware, and mail machines all need to be functioning at their peak.

Univest Capital, Inc. helps you create greater office efficiency by providing financing to keep your technology current for sales offices, insurance companies, banks, retail operations and many others.



This highly technical arena requires that medical facilities maintain pace with cutting-edge science and patient care.  To keep the process running smoothly we have pioneered a single-page, one-day turn around application for this industry.  Doctors can utilize Univest’s flexible lending programs for equipment up to $100,000. Univest Capital is adept at financing equipment for ultrasound, diagnostic equipment, EMR software and much more.

We also offer pre-funding, no interim rent or termination fees, early buyout discount options, and 60-month terms for office software leasing.



The fast-paced world of manufacturing means companies must stay fluid to compete on a worldwide scale. Keeping expenses and cash outlay low is often the key to staying competitive.  With the high cost of new machinery, it’s imperative to operate with a lender who understands your goals.  No matter the type of industrial equipment desired – from CNC routers to printing presses – Univest can make an important difference.



Our years of experience in financing equipment for state and local governments, school districts, volunteer fire departments and other agencies and municipalities makes us one of the most knowledgeable lending institutions for these type of customers.  From small equipment needs of $2,500 to greater capital requirements up to $500,000, Univest makes equipment funding a simple process.

We have financed millions of dollars in municipal lease transactions and tax-exempt financing. This includes financing for copiers, computer equipment, police and fire equipment, software and more.



Another specialty leasing service that Univest provides is equipment financing for Native American tribes, tribal entities and tribal businesses.  This unique experience gives us better insight into the unique nature of financing for Native Americans.  We will analyze your specific needs and craft a financing program to serve them best.

Having successfully worked with several major tribes across this country, we have developed customized lease and loan documents that are designed to address the status of Native Americans.  Backed by the stability of $2 billion dollar Univest Corp, Univest Capital, Inc. assures that your equipment needs are properly addressed.



These days, the world is abuzz with products promoting energy efficiency.  Businesses of all types are moving toward improvements and upgrades to meet new standards and invest in cost-effective technologies.  Univest can support your environmental goals with a stable  financial backing when you endeavor to retrofit lighting, update power management equipment and other important energy-saving efforts.



Similar to energy efficiency, Univest Capital also has programs in place for companies seeking to utilize modern water purification systems, bottle-less water coolers and more.  The way we are successfully approaching new challenges by this vital industry is just another example of how Univest  Capital carries forward the excellence and traditions of our over 130-year history to the leasing needs of today.