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Univest Capital, Inc., delivers straightforward service backed by a strong lending tradition. As a subsidiary of Univest Bank and Trust Co., you get the experience of an institution that knows how to deliver stable financial solutions for consumers, corporations and municipal customers for over 130-years.

Flexible terms, competitive rates, around-the-clock customer service and quick credit decisions make the Univest leasing process effortless. If your business has equipment needs, we can finance it.



Our experienced team of professionals provides services for companies nationwide. At its core, we understand what a big difference financing can make on your road to growth. Equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors find our F.A.S.T. (Financing As a Sales Tool) program a unique asset in meeting business goals. This financing model puts emphasis on your high-margin items to keep inventory current and profits flowing. Some customers have found the F.A.S.T. program to boost their average sales by 20% or more.



To better reflect our association with our parent company Univest Bank and Trust Co., we changed our name from Vanguard Leasing to Univest Capital, Inc. in 2008. Backed by such a safe financial institution means blue-chip stability and premium service for customers. Moreover, this affiliation ties us in to over a century of sound banking history and puts access to business financing at our fingertips.

Your company can get the capital you need today through a hassle-free process. For municipal or Native American entities, we are accustomed to providing your pertinent tax-exempt needs.



We take a common sense approach to equipment financing. Our highly knowledgeable staff makes decisions quickly, with a flexible mind-set and a personal approach to service. Credit decisions are rendered within hours, not days. Whether working with your company directly or through a vendor, we aspire to make capital available for essential business needs. At Univest Capital, Inc., we are invested in your goals.

Univest Bank and Trust Co. is headquartered in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and traded under the name Univest Corp, a publicly owned financial institution (UVSP, NASDAQ). For more information, visit


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