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The Univest Vendor

Univest Capital, Inc. successfully partners with vendors nationwide to provide equipment and new technology leasing programs for nearly every type of industry.  Most importantly, we make sure our vendors get reimbursed quickly to keep business moving forward.

Because we understand the sales process, we tailor leasing programs to a vendor’s specific market, be it healthcare clients, energy, manufacturing equipment, or municipal financing.

How Vendors Benefit with Univest Capital

You know your customer best.  Therefore, you can control the sales process with turn-key solutions, allowing customers to acquire and upgrade to the latest technology, develop future opportunities and build a footprint for repeat business. Our consultative approach helps vendors nationwide improve closing rations and exceed sales goals.

• Designing and implementing custom programs

• Training client sales reps

• Participation in joint sales calls

• Completing finance documents

• Tracking applications

• Working with clients to ensure success of programs

Financial services from Univest Capital allow vendors the benefit of having access to advance funding, 100% financing, fast credit decisions, flexible lease/finance programs, no application fees, and most importantly, one central contact to a direct lender.


With Univest lease programs you will allow your customer to conserve capital, take advantage of tax benefits, have flexible repayment options, improve cash flow and get fast credit decisions with our simple doc process.


Our simple five stage process makes the flow of doing business with Univest an exceptional experience.  Here’s how it works:

1.   Stage One:  Credit Application

Account executive or customer calls/emails/faxes their credit application.

2.  Stage Two:  Credit Decision

Credit renders a decision within hours. For point-of-sale opportunities, we will render a decision even faster.

3.   Stage Three:  Documentation Generation

Univest Capital will generate the lease/loan documents and email or fax them directly to the customer.

4.   Stage Four:  Documentation Completed

Customer signs the documentation and returns them to Univest Capital.  (originals are not required for loans under $75,000.)

5.   Stage Five:  Purchase Order / Funding

Shortly after receipt of the signed documents Univest Capital, Inc. will review and issue a purchase order.



The Univest Capital reimbursement process is straightforward, and designed to accommodate your own cash flow. Based upon your customer’s lease program terms, we set up a reimbursement program to your vendor account. General funding process is as follows:

• UCI can fund off of faxed or scanned documents up to 75M

• UCI has a same day funding commitment if properly executed documents are received and a verbal acceptance is completed with the lessee before 1PM EST.

• Vendors are funded via ACH ( electronic payment)

• Vendors will receive notice of funding via email

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